Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Growing boy and the ramblings of his mommy

So as Brent grows, crawls and explores the world on his own and become more independent, it leaves me with more time to clean (try to) and catch up on FB, blogs and email.
  I can not believe that tomorrow he will be 8 months!  I did a recap of my labor and delivery in my mind this morning.   I can not fathom how time has passed so quickly!  Truman and I are truly blessed to have him in our family.
  Life here in this hot, desert town is wonderfully awesome.  Well, not that we enjoy the weather at all, or the fact that it has little to no vegetation and is an extreme opposite to what my ideal place to live is, but! we love that Truman has his job back and that we are doing great and we have each other.  We are moved again!  But this time only 3 doors to our left.  We lived in a 1 bedroom, and will be moved into a 3 bedroom.  We are way excited.  Brent will have his own room, and we will have more room to stretch and our home will not look so cluttered/full.
   Brent, after spending most of all his time with me said dada first, and that was about a month or two ago.  Yesterday he surprised me with mommom. And today I got a mama!  My heart melted.  It was wonderful. Updates on Brent:
      He can crawl.
      He can stand up using furniture, stairs, the walker, your name it...whatever it takes to help him up.
     He can walk using whatever he has a hold on, and walks the distance that it is, or uses your hands to help him.
     He can give kisses.
     He can play chase.
     He can play peek a boo.
     He LOVES sweet potatoes.
     He loves little people called children.
All these are updates from 6 months til now.  Most of all he learned at 6 months, but the chase, peek a boo, and mama, came within the last couple of days.
We are so blessed, and so grateful that we have him and eachother.  

Ps, for some reason I can not upload pictures, but I will as soon as I can.


Gretch said...

I love the picture of him at the top of your blog!! He is so stinkin- cute!!!!! I see lots of mischeif in him, just like Hank!! Someday, these cousins will meet, it will be a fun union and then we can have many reunions!!

Love you guys!!

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